We were very much looking forward to friend-of-the-family Andrew Krucoff's lunch with Architectural Digest's Katherine Scully. The occasion was duly won, bought, and paid for via charity auction, but as the man himself reports, manifest shenanigans rule the day:

Charity starts at home? Not according to Architectural Digest when an unwanted house guest shows up with madi-money and a smile like a flying buttress.

Obviously certain people at Conde Nast still hold a grudge against me. I have my guesses, most likely Gary Brownell and Jill Bright, the heads of IT and HR respectively who I've never met. Despite what I was told back then, I doubt Si Newhouse or Chuck Townsend were ever briefed about the "leaked email" nonsense. At least I hope they have better things to do.

Anyway, Conde brass recently green-lighted Jess Coen for Vanity Fair and she's been driving the Conde Nast-car in a demolition derby for the past two years. So the issue is not Gawker, it's me. That hurts. Maurie Perl, prepare some talking points. Kit Seelye and my mom will be calling you.

Fortunately, "krupiter" still has recourse to eBay's negative feedback ratings.

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