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The strangest piece of unsolicited information landed in the mailbag, and apropos nothing we'll share it with you: Earlier this year, Princess Coldstare — otherwise known as Leigh Lezark, Cathy Horyn's heir to Edie Sedgwick and the third leg of the hipster press-whore DJ collective Misshapes — had, for at least one entry, a blog. She doesn't just promote or pose, people! She blogs! She's that cutting edge!

From reading the Joyce-on-crack ramblings you'd think that she weren't blogging sober, but no one could pen gems like "They call me Princess Sparkles, a secret agent mermaid from the depths of Shamu's tank at Sea World" without being fully in control of one's faculties. It's a long, illuminating screed, especially when Coldstare discusses her life as a Misshape:

A,B,C and all the way to Z...Let's face the facts people. You don't know me, I don't know you. I don't fit the description of Christina Aguilera or Johnny Depp; although having a penis would be kind of amazing for a day or two, perhaps then the guys would actually take notice of me instead of just passing me off as their little fag hag. Do I mind though? Of course not. Tell me many guys and girls would kill for the chance to tackle, sleep with and kiss Greg.K and Geo whenever the hell they felt like it? Let me point out that when I use the term "sleep with" I mean it in the sense that we'll pass out on the bed or sofa together depending on where we want to crash for the night or should I say morning to be exact. My eyes have seen every little inch of them and that is not a pun people - they've both also seen every inch of me. Hard to believe three people can be so close and not want to get freaky just like that? I haven't even gotten to the core of it yet. How about we just skip a section that I'll delve more on later and explain that Greg.K and Geo are my bitches. They're my Jack and Will to my Grace/Karen. The Abercrombie to my Fitch. The tobacco to my cigarette, and a billion more clich 's I can place together. All in all they're my best friends and I'm not shy to say that the guys that have dated them and or are dating them have gone via me before even locking lips with either of them.

No clue if this is, in fact, the work of Lezark, but we do believe the hag pimps for her fags, personally testing every suitor.

DJ Leigh Lezark