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Celebrity chatter from forty years ago usually falls under the purview of Post gossip dowager Cindy Adams, but today's Paula Froelich-helmed Page Six reports the news that Leonard Cohen visited Edie Sedgwick (Remember her? She was like the Leigh Lezark of the sixties.) "at the Chelsea Hotel in the mid-'60s and was disturbed by the candles she'd bought at a local voodoo shop and put on the mantle. 'This is a very unlucky arrangement of candles,' Cohen warned. 'It's in the Sioux religion or Navajo world, or something. It's considered bad luck.' Sedgwick shot back, 'Oh, it's just a silly superstition.' Her room burned down the next day." You can decide for yourself whether or not "amphetamine freak unfortunate with fiery taper" is a story; what we want to know is whether or not Leonard nailed Edie? Because we didn't think it was possible for us to have any more respect for him than we already do.

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