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A Defamer operative files this report of Holes, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and (perhaps most memorably) The Battle of Shaker Heights star Shia Lebeouf's alleged antics in Hollywood last night:

Some friends and I were at Big Wang's last night, and sitting at the table next to us was Shia LeBeouf and his group of friends, which looked like a hodgepodge of preteen girls and the Comic Book Store Owner on Simpsons. My friend was dancing and he came up behind her and starting doing the bump and grind dance behind her, his friend quickly came to lead him away and apologized. Throughout the night he was groping other girls, spilling beer, dancing like a hybrid of Stomp and a kid at his Bar Mitzvah, and inevitably he was kicked out of the place.

But before you judge LeBeouf harshly for his seemingly unwelcome demonstrations of both his dancing and speed-seduction skills, please remember that he's currently shooting the Transformers movie with Michael Bay, a harrowing professional ordeal that could drive even the most seasoned of actors to the bottle. Big Wang's patrons should consider themselves lucky that whatever indignity he'd suffered on the set that day could be drowned out in a pitcher of beer, rather than with a hail of bullets.