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Our overly hip siblings at Idolator have it on good authority that our old friend Nick Sylvester — the former Voice scribe who admitted to fabricating quotes for a front-page article — has returned to his old, old gig at the temple of indie superiority, Pitchfork. Apparently Sylvester slipped back in a few weeks ago and has been editing some reviews, though you won't see his name on the masthead:

Look, we're not saying Sylvester should never be employed again; we're just saying that maybe he shouldn't be part of the journalism game, where people "report" "facts," and don't just write about their friends. The real guilty party here is the 'Fork, who severed ties with Sylvester in March, and who have made a conscious decision to keep his role a secret; apparently, they don't think their readers deserve to know they have a kinda-admitted fabulist working for them.

Anyone know what specific articles he's edited? If you can figure out which ones bear the mark of this beast, perhaps we can help him with some friendly line-edits.

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