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Hearkening back to last July, perhaps you recall that Sassy and Jane founding editor and all-around adorable cult leader Jane Pratt was forced eased out of the latter publication last July after what WWD referred to as "endless antics." In case you were wondering what sort of "antics" could result in the termination of a magazine's spiritual leader, Keith Kelly's report on Pratt's forthcoming debut on satellite radio safehouse Sirius notes that Pratt's infamous "wanderlust" that led to her departure coincidentally occured after she suffered a miscarriage — an event which likely superceded the magazine in her personal hierarchy of emotional commitments, God forbid. Ladies, take heed: nothing shall distract you from your job.

Anyhow, on a less morbid, woman-hating note, Pratt's show will feature "music, rants, and plenty of call-ins," with Pratt aiming to create an on-air environment resembling "how young women talk to each other when their boyfriends or husbands aren't listening." So expect lots of discussion about grooming "down there," how size really does matter if you're riding reverse cowgirl, and how failed pregnancies really fuck with your production schedule.

Full release from Sirius follows.


"Jane Radio" a live, call-in show
Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Sassy and Jane Brings Her Hip, Irreverent Style and Voice Exclusively to SIRIUS Satellite Radio

NEW YORK - September 25, 2006 - SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced that Jane Pratt, founder and former editor-in-chief of both Sassy and Jane, will host Jane Radio, a live, weekly talk show that brings her irreverent and refreshingly candid personality to satellite radio.

Jane Radio, debuting this fall exclusively on SIRIUS Stars channel 102, will be a live, weekly three hour show. From the "Jane rant" of each week to short segments produced "on the street," Jane's show will explore current events, her life, and through their calls, the lives of her listeners. Pratt will interact heavily with listeners through phone calls and segments such as "Jane Needs Help" - during which listeners will be invited to help Jane with her problems - and "Songs We Love," during which Jane will talk to her listeners about the best new music.

"Maybe it is all that experience I have talking to girl friends into the wee hours, but I can't wait to produce a show with SIRUS that actually reflects in tone and content the way women talk to each other when their husbands and boyfriends aren't in the room," said Jane Pratt. "Just as Jane magazine always maintained a 15% male readership, I am sure Jane Radio will inevitably get some men to listen in and learn."

"Jane Pratt is a pioneer in the world of media. She talks to women in a voice they respond to and connect with, and she will bring this skill to satellite radio," said Scott Greenstein, President, Entertainment and Sports, SIRIUS Satellite Radio. "Jane Radio is a fun and exciting addition to the innovative and diverse lineup of programming SIRIUS has to offer for women."

Jane Radio joins an exciting and expanding lineup of women's programming on SIRIUS that includes Candace Bushnell's Sex, Success and Sensibility; Martha Stewart Living Radio; Cosmo Radio, Lighten Up with Richard Simmons, and two upcoming shows with Barbara Walters, Ask Barbara Anything and Barbara Walters' The Best of the Very Best.

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