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Sure, the premiere served up all the old school Hollywood glamour we've come to expect from the bow of a Paramount Pictures production. But not even Steve-O, Bam, and Wee Man overpowering and then relieving their bowels upon Billy Bush before entering the Chinese Theater could have turned Jackass Number Two into a critical success: The movie would have to earn that on its own. The reviews are in, however, and based on a random sampling of the nation's film critics, what it lacked in narrative and character development, it made up for in its visceral, puke-inducing formal elements. A round-up:

· "There is a point, however, at which the movie becomes simply sickening...[F]eats of grossness are accomplished that are so vile even the hardiest among the cast cannot suppress the upchuck." [Seattle P-I]
· "Projectile vomiting figures prominently during other episodes, and the camera never turns away...Indeed, it remains firmly affixed on the effluence, as auds are left to ponder various meanings of the term 'gag.'" [Variety]
· "These eight or so merrymakers join Knoxville in stunts designed not only to break teeth, bones and the human spirit but also to activate gag reflexes—cameramen are seen vomiting, as are sound guys and, with surprising frequency, the stars themselves. I myself experienced dangerous nausea levels for three or four hours after the movie ended. Seriously." [Chicago Tribune]

· "Steve-O is by far the craziest and is able to get most of his crew to vomit after each antic he performs. Much of it is too disgusting to repeat in mixed company, but know there are several scenes that will cause even the most iron-stomached person to gag." [Arizona Republic]
· "These clowns are so good at what they do (or is it that they're so wonderfully inept?) that their film is often drop-jaw funny. But be forewarned, when you're not laughing out loud you could well be trying hard not to lose your lunch." [Atlanta J-C]
· "Whether you laugh, shriek or fight the urge to puke reveals as much about you as years of psychotherapy. [Star Tribune]
· [Y]ou'll probably spend as much time wincing as you do laughing your ass off....You'll laugh 'til you puke, if you don't puke first." [Film Threat]
· "[A] sequel that's even wilder, funnier, extra-depraved and more gag-inducing than the seemingly incomparable 'Jackass the Movie.'" [THR]