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Former Megu waitress Satomi Southward has filed a sexual-harassment lawsuit against the Japanese megaplex, seeking $20 million in compensatory and punitive damages. The suit alleges that Southward endured all sorts of nasty things at the Tribeca joint: head chef Mitsuo Endo sexually humiliated her in front of the staff and inappropriately touched her with utensils (oh, those dirty spatulas); line chef Lawrence Herman accused her of blowing a banana; and, rather horrifyingly, Southward claims that she was drugged during the restaurant's holiday party, only to regain consciousness to Herman "shoving his fingers in her vagina." Don't you love Christmas in New York?

Fuck. Now it's going to be even more of a pain to get a table at Nobu.

Ex-Waitress Swats Back, Suing Megu for Sex Harassment [NYM]