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A source forwarded along the following e-mail, which Cosmo executive editor Michele Promaulayko recently sent to her underlings:

Subject: on the hunt for real-life reads

In particular, I'm looking for first-person stories, but I'm also open to receiving pitches for news investigations. Many of the ones that have rated well in the past have been of the tragic variety (ie: My Bridesmaids Were Killed on the Way to My Wedding), but they don't have to be that dark. Think compelling and semi-relatable. One place to look: Small national newspapers (perhaps in the police blotters). Thanks.

We don't know about you, but the idea of Cosmo's well-groomed editorial staff getting their nails dirty digging through the Yanemsville Afternoon Call & Gazette for stories like "My Flower Girl's Cancer Ruined My Ceremony" provides us with more joy than any number of illicit substances ever could. Also, if anyone has the dead bridesmaid piece, send it along. It sounds like a hoot.