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Last Thursday, in her personal piece de resistance, Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn could not overstate the sheer awesomeness of haute whores and popular DJs the MisShapes, stating that their Bolivian-slim frames and bowl-shaped haircuts had influenced Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane's July runway show. Slimane, however, took issue with the attribution:

On Friday, the designer faxed WWD to set the record straight. Slimane said he culled inspiration from the emerging music scene in Southend, London. "There must be some conflict of interest I am not aware of," Slimane stated. "I would gladly own up to being inspired by something if it were the truth, but Ms. Horyn's reporting seems not to be based on fact and it makes me question what's behind it."

Thursgay Styles reporting not "based on fact"? How curious. So what's behind Horyn's MisShapes obsession? Is it her longing to revive her deeply buried, lost youth, redefining her past by floating through the present as a chicly gritty nightcrawler, thus fashioning herself an existence in which Horyn is finally cool enough to sit at the punk rock lunch table? Or maybe she's just a closet Eastpak fan.

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