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  • Mr. Cheney goes to Menlo Park: The big Dick is raising money for the Republican Party in a reception at Sequoia Capital, just to prove that a neocon can get something out of Northern California. [KCBS]
  • PC World lists the 25 hottest pieces of linkbait worst web sites, starting with weirdo tech pundit Chris Pirillo's and finishing with (motto: "The House that Fug Built"). [PC World]
  • "Body By Jake" sues AOL for fraud and forgery. Read the article to find out how often you can hear a writer refer to an entity as "Body by Jake" before you get creeped out and have to stop. [eWeek]
  • Why did Hewlett-Packard hire a Boston detective firm to hunt an internal press leaker? Maybe because the pretexting methods used in the investigation are explicitly illegal in California, according to the state's attorney general. [NY Times]
  • Eat your vegetables: Linux Journal lists the hacker/coder blogs worth reading. [Linux Journal]
  • One of those bloggers, Firefox cofounder Blake Ross, recalls working at Netscape during high school. "Netscape was one giant WTF, or as they called it back then, AOL. The company had grown so inept that 'WTF' became just another thing we said each day, like 'Hey' or 'What time is it?' or 'We just lost another 5%' or 'Marketing wants to replace the Back button with an ad for Bowflex'." [The Daily WTF]
  • How are tech conferences like political parties? No minorities, no women, and one token gay. [Factory Joe]
  • Speaking of which, listen to Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" (video premieres on AOL on Monday). Laughing at it doesn't make you nerdy. Counting the verses that apply to you (I edit Wikipedia! Stephen Hawking's in my library!) makes you nerdy. [Weird Al on Myspace]