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Not long after an anonymous, possibly condo-promoting tipster accused the shadowy, alleged media manipulators behind CSI: NY of conveniently-stumbled-upon-corpse-fraud , another reader, claiming to be a resident of the very downtown building in which the show is filming, offers this argument for the body's possible authenticity:

I live at the apartment building that CSI:NY is currently filming in. The building is called Pacific Electric Lofts... or PE Lofts for short. On the corner of 6th & Main Street in downtown Los Angeles.

I found out last night during a gathering of tenants on the roof that a body of a man living on the 5th floor had been found yesterday. The body had been there for 6 weeks, and the rumored cause is suicide. The body of the tenant's chihuahua dog was also found, apparently killed by the tenant.

The 5th floor smells like someone flooded the hallways with disinfectant... so I am very skeptical that this was a publicity stunt pulled by CSI:NY. I don't know anything else, but when I get home from work I'll be sure to investigate more... as this would be a really shitty move on CSI's part if your claim is true.

And a note from one of our esteemed commenters in our earlier post seems to corroborate this story:

i live in the PE Lofts. The CSI crew has been shooting here for the past couple of days, occupying our lovely penthouse lobby and pool. I was riding the freight elevator yesterday and it smelled really bad- I assumed someone's dog had an accident. A girl got on and told me that a guy on the fifth floor had committed suicide, killing himself and his dog, and that the body had been there decomposing for months. She also said that the fifth floor smelled horrible.

I'd be pretty shocked if this is a publicity stunt, as it sure smelled real to me.

The simplest explanation, it seems, is that the original report was genuine, and Corpsegate is much ado about nothing. A more interesting explanation, however, would involve a devious Jerry Bruckheimer being so committed to a publicity stunt of dubious value that he would go to absurd lengths to fool even the building's residents of his subterfuge, right down to the piping in of unpleasant smells. For now, we suppose that we're going to just have to believe the boring, former version and put away our tinfoil helmets, at least until another anonymous e-mail sends us scrambling to strap it on again.