Post-collegiate wailing wall Thought Catalog is more than a just a place for 20somethings to write about dumb bullshit; it's a place for 20somethings to share their valuable life lessons.

20 Life Lessons I Learned From 20somethings on Thought Catalog

1. "Haters gonna hate…and being in the public eye means you are 60X more likely to have some scandal revolve around you. From secrets you never wanted anyone to know, to stories that were straight-up fabricated, it happened, and the only way to fight that drama was to tells the haters to save it for their mammas."

2. "Don't feed the fire of a motherfucker. If someone is being an asshole, ignore it. Don't feed their fire."

3. "Cynicism is far too easy to be useful."

4. "People that lash out at you are really just mad at themselves. This was a difficult one for me to get a handle on, but it's absolutely true. People have the tendency to pick out the slightest flaws and simply tear someone apart because of it. This speaks much more about the aggressor however than the one being torn apart. People get mad at you simply because you have somehow upset there inner vision of how the world should be. That is all."

5. "Never underestimate the power of psychological warfare. Never underestimate the value of a strong mind – it is indispensable."

6. "Much like dollar bills, people's opinions are only as valuable as our minds allow them to be."

7. "Some people are actually complete jerks... some of those people, fancy drink order or not, have venti-sized egos and are rude, horrible individuals."

8. "Putting trust in anyone beyond yourself does not make sense."

9. "People will just disappear. One day they will like you and won't be able to get enough of you and the next they will just be gone and you'll never hear from them again. It won't matter if you tell them you miss them or if you say you're sorry for something- they won't come back and there's not a damn thing you can do about it except get over it."

10. "You will never please everyone. Though this is a lesson that is undoubtedly learned at every stage of life, and through varying degrees of emotional pain, the 20s are a great example of people's tendency to poo-poo your decisions even though no one fucking asked them."

11. "It's scary to tell someone you care. It's scarier to not."

12. "Loving yourself is hard. Hating yourself is harder."

13. "Music will save you. It will also kill you."

14. "Do you baby. Do you."

15. "You are worthy of love. The first time he told me he loved me, I freaked out. It was too soon, how could he be so sure?"

16. "If you're starting to worry about the fact that your 20s will go by too fast, and you're a math person: think about how long your life has seemed so far, cut that in half, and that's how long your twenties are, but you'll actually remember all 10 years, your first 10 years of existence."

17. "Good vs. Evil vs. Somewhere in the middle. Most people come into college with homegrown-based perceptions of what's acceptable, what's not, and what determines who is the sort of person you want to be associated with. But then you get drunk and do shit, and that shit is not in accordance with what you were told was "good" or "bad." Cheating on someone is universally considered terrible, but that's not necessarily a choice reflective of their entire self. Yes, you shouldn't hook up with people you shouldn't, but science says that every choice you make has equal reactions, positive and negative."

18. "YOUR ATTITUDE: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER. One of my best mentors from Illinois is famously known for advocating three qualities: energy, optimism, and enthusiasm."

19. "If you're trying to get into a hot, exclusive club, acting like your home is a bridge and/or possibly a tunnel is not the way to go!

20. "Relax. Life is amazing. There's no reason to worry. The universe unfolds as it should. Relax and just go with it."

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