Canadian police broke up a party in Ontario on Friday night that was thrown in a 17-year-old's parents' still-being-built home. 2,000 teens attended and caused an estimated $70,000 worth of damage. TEENS!

The party was promoted on social media with the hashtag #MansionParty, and images were posted showing hundreds of people on the staircases and upper floors of the mansion:

If there is one thing that makes partying with 2,000 teens sound more fun, it is partying with 2,000 teens while perched precariously on not-fully-built staircases! Police sent 60 cars, including canine and tactical units, to the #mansion after receiving a complaint around 9:30PM.

One attendee, Nick, 16, heard about the party on social media and told The Record that there was a line of cars, including a fully packed tour bus, waiting to get into the party. He said, "I have seen something like this in the movies, but never in real life."

The host's mother was reached for a comment and explained, presumably standing amongst the wreckage, head in hands: "I told my son he could have some friends over."

[Photo via DailyMail]