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In today's jam-packed episode: Owen Wilson; Luke Wilson and Johnny Knoxville; Julia Roberts, Jason Biggs, Virginia Madsen, Peter Farrelly, Jessica Biel and Garry Shandling; Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols; Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed; Chris Rock; Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Weber; Keira Knightley; Ray Romano, Ed Harris, Brian Bosworth, Rick Schroeder and Dorothy Lucey; Lindsay Lohan; Brain Grazer; Zach Braff; Daryl Hannah; Sharon Stone, Laurence Fishburne, Angela Basett, Danny Glover, and D.L. Hughley; Jeremy Piven; Mattew Perry; Mischa Barton; Melissa McCarthy; Larry Flynt; Ryan Gosling; Amy Adams; Anne Ramsey; Anna Paquin; Cherry Jones; Hank Azaria; Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connelly; Sandra Oh; Mo Gaffney; Giovanni Ribisi; Mark Harmon; Lance Armstrong; Christina Applegate; Natasha Lyonne; Carla Gugino; Mr. T; Corbin Bernsen; Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Rusler; Janice Dickinson; Chad Allen; Kevin Richardson and Michael Lerner.

· Monday 9/4 (Labor Day), saw the Butterscotch Stallion himself, Owen Wilson, leaving the Los Angeles County Museum with a nonfamous male friend. Don't know if they had come to enjoy the final day of the great exhibit of David Hockney portraits, but they both had big white shopping bags from the Museum Store. People in the museum courtyard were all agog — "Dude! I just saw Owen Wilson!" "No way!" "Totally, I did!" It was quite the exciting sighting, especially considering the wholesome and upliftingly educational venue. You stay classy, Owen!

· On Saturday night we were at Barney's Beanery celebrating my sister's birthday and we spotted Luke Wilson and Johnny Knoxville. They came separately, but ended up sharing a booth near us. It seemed like such an odd pairing (can't Luke do better than that?), we wondered if they had even intended to meet there, or if it was a coincidence and they thought, "Well, hey, we're both famous, so we might as well hang out."

· Dave Matthews Band show @ the Hollywood Bowl on Monday night - Jason Biggs hooking up 6-8 friends with tix and passes; Virginia Madsen cutting a rug (and looking great!) in one of the upper Garden Boxes; Peter Farrelly in another Garden Box; Julia Roberts, to whom Dave Matthews dedicated their song "Dream Girl" (she's in the music video); Jessica Biel; and Garry Shandling looking very bored and unimpressed.

· Out for a romantic dinner at Jar last night, spied dreamy-eyed boat of dreamboat dreams Jake Gyllenhaal dining with Official Jake Gyllenhaal BFF Austin Nichols. Couldn't see what Jake was eating, even through my finest set of opera glasses, but he sat slumped enough in his seat that I momentarily suspected he was being served his meal from unde the table. I wanted to walk by and casually ask him if he ever suffers morning sickness from sympathetic sibling pregnancy, but I didn't.

· Sunday night at the Sherman Oaks Galleria we were sitting at a round table in front of Tower Records waiting for our table at Cheesecake Factory when Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed strolled by. I noticed her first, mainly because I was pointing out women who have had work done to my boyfriend's mom as we people-watched, and was getting ready to discreetly point out this woman. Then I saw her companion was Gene Simmons and did the math. He looked just like he does in that billboard with his family, and she obviously looked a little worked-over. They headed into the movie theater area, and we couldn't follow because our table was ready and that was way more important.

Saw Chris Rock on August 27th with his family at Six Flags. They entered into the Riddler through a secret door and cut in front of us and into the first row seats, which meant we had to wait for the next train. Bastards. We saw them walking around after with a female security guard to protect them. He is short-ish and skinny, but that's what I expected.

· 9/1 around 6:30pm, I saw Gene Simmons waiting for traffic to clear to pull his humongous black Lincoln Navigator out of a mini-mall parking lot and onto Laurel Canyon Blvd. He wasn't doing anything outrageous, so I briefly considered taking actions to try to provoke him into sticking his legendary tongue out at me.

· Thursday 8/24 at Katsuya in Brentwood... Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Weber (not together). Steven Weber is the blue eyed guy from "Wings" due to be on Studio 60 on Sunset. He was there with his wife.

· Keira Knightley (8-31), spotted at the Jane Doe's gig last night in Santa Monica, at O'Brien's - place was packed.

· Went to the Malibu Labor Day Carnival @ the country mart on Friday night - aka "the locals night" - with some friends from out of town & saw a smorgasbord of stars.

First spotting was fit & baseball capped "Right Stuff" star Ed Harris hanging by The Tornado. At the polar opposite end of the star galaxy was former football bust "The Boz" - Brian Bosworth, followed by "Silver Spoons/NYPD Blue" actor Rick "Don't Call Me Ricky" Schroeder, who incidentally lost to his buddy @ the Water Pistol/Balloon Pop thingamajiggy. "Good Day LA's" Dorothy Lucey, actually hotter looking in person, was chillin' by the Ferris Wheel with what looked like friends/family - and the topper, "Everybody Loves Raymond Star, Ray Romano - who won a giant stuffed dog @ one of the booths & celebrated by holding it aloft & screaming "I won" for all to see/hear.

· Sunday, Aug 27th, 1:40pm, COOGIES in Malibu: LINDSAY LOHAN and boy toy, a scruffy looking Harry Morton strolled in. When told they'd have to wait ten minutes for a table just like REGULAR folks, they left and got in a huge black Escalade. No paparazzi around but one guy leaned out his car window and snapped a phone camera. Ten minutes later they were back and seated outside. Me and my friends weren't that impressed. She was wearing great sixties hippie suede boots (but Hello it was like 90 degrees out) and a beach coverup type dress. She's skinny and freckley and was on the phone the entire time she there, but I was happy to see she was nice to the little kids who recognized her and went up to her table. No one else really cared, after all this is Malibu...if it aint Brangelina why bother?

· Saw Brian Grazer at Coogi's in Malibu. Seems nice, though he did walk as if he was waiting to be swamped by people. Was having lunch with a normal older couple and a teenage boy. Hugged them and seemed very warm and happy.

· Saw Zach Braff driving down La Cienega in a BIG jeep. He pulled up next to me and was very cute.

· Daryl Hannah fireside at Burning Man Saturday night. yep, it was her.

· Tuesday night, I was invited to a preview performance of August Wilson's "Fences" at the Pasadena Playhouse (with Laurence Fishburne and Angela Basset in the leads...I guess they really are doomed to portraying nothing but disfunctional/abusive/fucked up couples when they share the stage). It was a fundraiser, so what does that mean? Celebrities, baby!

While scarfing down some free panini (a little melted and greasy, but still free), a limo pulls up. My friend who got me the tickets said Beyonce was supposed to show up, but it turned out to be Danny Glover, who later introduced the play. And as much as it pains me to use that gawdawful cliche, he really did look too old for that shit.

During intermission, I was standing in the booze line when a small
blonde woman walked by. Turned out to be Sharon Stone, who looked nothing like the screen but still projected that intense I'm-going-to-ride -you-then- repeadedly-jab-an-icepick-into-your-heart vibe. Looked good, though. If she's had work done, it was worth the cost 'cause it didn't show.

And while the program listed several Honorary Hosts like Samuel L.
Jackson ("Get this muthafuckin' drama about the African-American
experience off my muthafuckin' stage!"), I had to settle for D.L. Hughley, who was dapper in a snap brim hat, but short.

The play, by the way, rocked. Though I did think about Ike and Tina
just a little bit.

· Walking down South Santa Monica Blvd in BH. A Range Rover stops and parks in the red zone, puts its flashers on, causing the Lexus behind to hit the horn really hard and jaunt around it. From the Rover out pops Ari Gold himself, Jeremy Piven, in a plain white t-shirt. He casually jogs up to the cigar store, tugs on the door, looks to the big sign that reads "open at 4 pm" and then pretending not to be noticed, jogs right back into his Range Rover, flashers still on. Nothing says Emmy winner like double-parking.

· Matthew Perry was buying Calvin Klein underwear and socks at a clothing store at the Malibu Country Mart on Sunday, Sept. 3rd. On the same day, Mischa Barton was there at the Mart.

On Monday, I saw Melissa McCarthy who plays "Sookie St James" at Universal appliance store on Laurel Canyon and Ventura in Studio City.

· Saw the hustler himself, Larry Flynt, on Main Street in Santa Monica pimpin' the gold plated wheelchair on Sunday. Looked like he was waiting for a table for brunch. In addition to being plump and pasty, Larry looked pretty out of it - a blank gaze and his mouth half open. His bodyguard, on the other hand, was smokin'! He can guard my body anytime....

· Long time reader, first time contributor here. All three sightings occured downtown. Who knew? : First we saw Anne Ramsey entering a theatre production of a no name show. She looked like she did on "The L Word" -small and disheveled. After a semi-lame art thing in an artist commune (gag), we ended up at Pete's - a semi hip downtown place that takes itself a little too seriously. Good food though. While sitting out on the patio I spied a familiar looking red head inside. Turns out it's Amy Adams. She was petite and cute. However, looked normal, you know, like your college roommate or something. She wore a horrible long, potato sack type dress. As our meal wore on, a scruffy Ryan Gosling walked by us on the sidewalk. He was greasy, and had a full beard. Totally caught me staring at him. I was surprised to see the star power where bums regularly pee in the street.

· Thursday, 8/24. Anna Paquin at a table at the Abbey with a strange mix of folks — a couple fellow skinny, white little twelve-year-olds and several early-30's-looking lesbians. Who knows what that's about, but Anna looked tiny and adorable.

Saturday, 8/26. Girlfriends Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson walking hand-in-hand, leaving brunch at Lulu's Cafe on Beverly. Dressed down in workout wear, hats and sunglasses. Had to go in for a second look for confirm — Cherry is in great shape and they don't look mismatched age-wise at first viewing. Seem sweet together.

· 9/2 on Beverly Blvd going west past the Beverly Center about 3pm; 8/26 going west on Whittier crossing Wilshire into the Beverly Hilton about 4:30pm: Hank Azaria, still in his Aston-Martin, still on the phone, still with the spiky 'do, still going about 12 mph. The man will be dead by spring of either A) skin cancer B) RAZR-shaped brain tumor or C) attack by someone in a old hooptie incensed that he won't let that poor car hit third gear...

· Ran across the street to the Regent Beverly Wilshire to get $5.00 gum and ran into Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connelly filming Entourage. Adrian was in his typical Vincent Chase ensemble - jeans, t-shirt and button down combo and Kevin was in Eric the manager mode wearing a suit. Adrian had tons of fans coming up to him telling them how much they loved the show while he was on the telephone. HE WAS VERY POLITE AND WAS ACKNOWLEDGING EVERYONE EVEN THOUGH HE WAS ON THE PHONE. Kevin on the other hand was busy on his Sidekick (perhaps to Nikki????) smoking a cigarette while sitting on a luggage cart being completely passed over by everyone. Could be that when you are short and sitting down everyone misses you or that everyone was so taken back by Adrian's blue eyes.

Didn't see the rest of the posse - could have been inside with the extras hanging out.

· Sunday 08.27, 4:30 pm @ The Grove: while having a late lunch at The Farm, saw a familiar looking guy with big hair and a grey suit stolling past, and realized that it was Adrian Grenier. No Drama, no entourage at all in fact, just hangin' solo. Weird thing is, no one walking by seemed to notice. Maybe they were pissed that he fired Ari.

· Stopped at a light at Santa Monica and Rodeo 8/30 at 8 a.m. and saw Adrian Grenier idling next to me, yawning and blinking awake. He was in a silver Prius that looked like Johnny Drama had taken a golf club to it — not a full-on crusher, just way more dents and dings than your average TV star would seem likely to tolerate. And he drives himself! Guess Entourage isn't so true to life after all.

Sunday 9/3 - Saw Sandra Oh with typical Los Angeles hipster guy at the LA County Museum of Art. She was taking in the last days of the David Hockney exhibit but was going through it backwards. She looked lovely without a trace of makeup on. Her presence was also detected by the closest filipino museum guard, who raised an eyebrow when she passed. Coincedentally, the last time I saw her at LACMA she was there with now-ex Alexander Payne. She looked happier this time! oh yeah, i saw Mo Gaffney (probably me and my three friends would recognize her, it took me awhile to figure it out - "Marshall's wife" on AbFab) at my Gelson's in Studio City yesterday

· I was having breakfast at the Alcove on Hillhurst at around 9.00AM today (Monday, September 4) and spotted Giovanni Ribisi with his daughter enjoying their grub. He didn't look like I'm used to seeing him in films; instead he was very, very trim, sported close-cropped hair, and looked generally normal. Hooray for Scientologists!

· At the John Fogerty concert at the Greek in LA on Saturday, September 2nd. My girlfriend and I were standing at the south entrance when who should walk by, none other than the 1980's sexiest man alive Mark Harmon. He was with a group of everday joe's (all 45-55 yr. old males) that look like they could by anyone's neighbor. My only regret is that I did not have the time to ask him about that long rumored sequel to Summer School

· I just got home from the AMAZING acoustic Foo Fighters show at the Pantages and am actually remembering (for once) to email you guys my sighting. My friends and I walked into the theater lobby half way through Frank Black's opening set and, as we stared at the band merch they had for sale, we were shocked to see Lance Armstrong hanging out by the little bar cart in the middle of the lobby with all us common people. I kept checking, hoping that he'd snap his fingers and either Matthew McConaughey or Jake Gyllenhaal would magically appear by his side but no such luck. He was just with a unfamiliar but cute girl.

· Saw Christina Applegate at "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" at the Pantages, evening performance, 8/27. She looked cute - newsboy hat, all black outfit, boots, funky bag, that darling pointy nose - and was enjoying an intermission smoke with a gal pal and a guy with nice arm tats. What made this sighting xtra perverse was the huge posters at the Pantages advertising the upcoming stop of the road production of "Sweet Charity" starring...wait for wrong...Molly Ringwald. Wonder how Kelly Bundy feels about Samantha Baker/Claire Standish/Andi Walsh doing her Broadway role.

· Sunday night. Coral Beach Cantina, PCH just south of Zuma. Pull up behind a large SUV, from which a pair of skinny jeans and hideous snakeskin boots was emerging. Stepped up the pace so as to beat said skinny jeans, snakeskin boots wearing individual to the sign-in sheet. Turned around to see it was none other than Natasha Lyonne, who proceeded to join a group of friends at a nearby table. She spent the rest of the night engaged in classic celebrity don't look at me/pay attention to me behavior - wearing sunglasses at night while endlessly chasing the restaurant staff around (more chairs, more heat lamps, more drinks, etc.). I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out of she's preggers. She was wearing a black a-line halter top, which practically screamed "bump", but I couldn't get a decent angle. She was smoking like a fiend all night long, so I hope not.

· Sunday, Sept. 3- Leaving the 5:00pm screening of The Illusionist (the movie's greatest trick: making two hours of my life disappear into thin air) at the Arclight. Saw Carla Gugino standing at the upstairs consession counter with some tall, scruffy looking guy. Alas, she wasn't wearing her outfit (or lack thereof) from Sin City, but she still looked smokin in a black dress and a leather coat.

Sighting today Wee-Man (Jason Pontius) and chris pontius reading ok! magazine on my american airlines flight to nyc. And chris meloni also on my american flight 2day

The Palm, Wednesday 8/30: I was late to dinner so I was too frazzled to notice, but my dining companions pointed out Mr. T having dinner with a small group at a table near ours. He had an American flag bandanna on his head, and our waiter informed us that he is one of the world's nicest guys. After dinner, outside at the valet stand, we were delighted to get an up-close-and-personal show of an effusive T hugging and kissing his dining companions good-bye, and then thanking the valet with a booming "Shalom, brother!" before folding himself into a silver Mercedes two-seater. Shalom, T!

· if living in the valley isn't enough like an episode of the surreal life already, after my tom everett/laura/monica trifecta this weekend, i start off the week with a bang. i'm calmly getting my mani-pedi at studio city spa when who walks in and requests the same, but *corbin bernson*! so glad to see "psych" is paying enough for his pampering.

· Talk about a B-list sighting: Saw Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Rusler (Weird Science reunion tour?) smoking (not tobacco) around the corner from the Laugh Factory on Sunset about 2 am Friday night trying desperately to be recognized. AMH was with some tall blond model-type who looked understandably bored; RR was with some metrosexual who didn't. No Downey sighting to report unfortunately...

· Saw Janice Dickinson this morning at Equinox on Sunet at about 8:30am. She was sitting on one of the mats talking with 2 people. I didnt recognize her at first because she had no make-up on (shocking) but then she started talking and you can't mistake that super loud over the top voice. I was surprised at how good she looked without her usual clown make-up on.

· I saw Chad Allen at Cinespia (Chinatown) this last weekend. It's funny to see him so OUT and about, espically with his mafia in toe. Sportin a Mohawk and all. Bitch is totally queered out now. A far cry from his Jane Stewart years, he still must be reeling from the enquirer pics.

· Spotted Chad Allen sporting a mohawk and looking good at the cemetery screening of "Chinatown" at Hollywood Forever on Saturday (8/26).

· I have no idea if this sighting will have any degree of importance to add to the "sightings round-up" you do, but on Sunday evening, about 9:30, Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and his wife were shopping at Gelsons at Kings and Santa Monica. I knew I recognized the guy from somewhere — but as I was not a huge Backstreet fan I had to Google some webpages when I got home to confirm it was him. He was in sweats, very low key and had a gray "Mushmouth"-like hat on.

· just ran into character actor michael lerner at the pavilions in west hollywood. the rotund mediocrity, who had a cart filled to the brim, was roaming the check-out aisles complaining to all the checkers that there were 4 express lines open and not enough regular ones. this did not deter him from finally emptying his, at least 40 items, onto the conveyor belt of an express lane, while a senior citizen waited calmly in line behind him. what an ass!