You're a fraud, and a liar. And a wincingly pretentious writer. You couldn't tie Siegel's shoelaces.

Commenter "sprezzatura" on The New Republic's message boards, defending art critic Lee Siegel from the latter's enemies. 'Cept as briefly mentioned earlier, it turned out that comments from "sprezzatura" were "produced with Siegel's participation," according to the TNR's notice suspending Siegel's blog and future TNR writings. Enjoy the artblog dogpile on the fraud and liar who nevertheless sports excellently tied shoes.

UPDATE: We initially posted a photo of Siegel, but it turns out we had a pic of the "good" Lee Siegel, a novelist who lives in Hawaii. Apologies to Good Lee Siegel while we check around for a real photo of Bad Lee Siegel.

An Apology to Our Readers [TNR via Metadish]