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Radar has awoken from a nine-month hibernation to relaunch its website today, celebrating the rebirth with the publication of its poll of the "industry's heaviest hitters" that it first started researching back around the time of its 1981 "Ron Howard Washed Up At 27?" issue. The survey doesn't really contain any surprises: Howard is nice, Brett Ratner's a hack, Russell Crowe has a temper problem, and CAA's partners are the agents you'd most like to have devouring babies on your behalf. Among Radar's "winners" is Imagine Entertainment superproducer Brian Grazer, whose signature "Produced By Brian Grazer, From An Idea Brian Grazer Had While Distracted By A Shiny Object During A Meet-And-Greet With Stephen Hawking, And Directed By A Guy Brian Grazer Hand-Selected to Execute Brian Grazer's Uncompromising Vision" movie credit seems to have rankled some of his peers:

Winner: Brian Grazer
"He's just such a publicity hound," complains a rival producer of Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man), who, not coincidentally, also took high honors in the Most Effective Producer category. Rumor around town last year was that a grand and ultimately unsuccessful campaign to nominate Grazer for one of Hollywood's highest honors, the Academy's Thalberg Award for Lifetime Achievement, was secretly orchestrated by ... Grazer himself.

Also notable among the honorees is Harvey Weinstein, who finished in a three-way tie for scariest mogul, but failed to catapult over Mike Ovitz (whose tattered sash from his 1994 Most Powerful Man in Hollywood Pageant victory hasn't scared anyone in a decade) to become the most hated man in town. Better luck next year, Harvey.