• Rich dudes who want to be media magnates "look to the inherent worth of personnel and resources able to enlighten and expose, report and reflect, with a voice that can be heard above the din." Funny, we thought it was for the pussy. [Chicago Tribune]
• The UK Telegraph is looking to cut about seventy jobs, leaving us to wonder who'll be left to edit their vicious screeds against Polish plumbers and other assorted immigrants. [Guardian]
Times questions Ana Marie Cox's "journalistic chops"; presumably it's only okay for her to write book reviews and op-ed pieces. The reverse Maureen Dowd transition, though? No sale. [NYT]
• Who wants to buy into a dying industry? The rest of said industry. [MarketWatch]
• Bee Shaffer, ex-journalist? Put us down as doubtful, but hope springs eternal. [IvyGate]