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Business 2.0 Magazine thinks you should recruit employees at Burning Man. They're wrong.

  1. Her r sum is printed on rolling paper.
  2. This is actually how Google hired Eric Schmidt. QED.
  3. Burners demand vacation time for Burning Man. If this guy becomes your network administrator, what happens when a hacker convention picks your intranet as a group project in mid-August?
  4. When you met him, he was on LSD.
  5. When you met him, YOU were on LSD.
  6. And naked.
  7. Speaking of being naked, just where did you pull your business card from?
  8. Burners learn how to build an entire city of creative sculptures, communities, and infrastructure — and then wipe it out after a week.
  9. Her career goals include "overthrow of the capitalist hegemony."
  10. All your schmoozing is harshing our buzz, dude.

Talent hunting in the counterculture [Business 2.0]
Photo by DogFromSPACE [Flickr]