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Eric Schmidt was last seen on Fire Island, where the Google CEO has been cavorting with East Coast girlfriend Marcy Simon. One reader saw him at the Albatross Restaurant. A New York Post tipster saw Schmidt at the Island Mermaid. Ten points for old-school Rat-Pack style, Schmidt — the only thing that beats getting elected to the board of another huge tech company is hearing the news while you're with your "girl on the side."

Meanwhile, the Post reported that Tom Cruise (pictured faking) met with Terry Semel (pictured losing), indicating that the Yahoo CEO might have a job for the actor. Let's hope that puts Cruise at the disposal of Lloyd Braun's Yahoo Media Group — maybe Braun can make Cruise handle that puppet show Braun always wanted.

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Will the CEO of Yahoo back Cruise's production company? [Baltimore Sun]
Photo by SFYahooGuy [Flickr]