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An insider over at Complex Magazine informs us that the people in charge over there, have deemed it necessary to send a company-wide e-mail requesting that emplyees stop accosting 50 Cent whenever he enters the building. We particularly like this line, "This office should be a second home for 50, not a place where he feels compelled to put on a show each time he walks through our doors." We can understand why the staff reacts so much, because while we prefer to stalk from afar, when we're in close with celebs, we demand only Grade A top-shelf shucking-and-jiving. No matter if we're in his house or ours.

Anyways, if you have a celeb-mobbing problem going on at your home or place of employment, which also happens to be a second home for said celebrity, we provide Complex's open letter to the staff in full detail after the jump.

"Our company is privileged to enjoy a partnership with 50 Cent. 50, as you know, has been visiting our offices on a regular basis. 50 is the consummate professional and a terrific business partner. That said, we have noticed employees imposing themselves upon 50 to a point this email has become necessary.

50 comes to our office to help offer input and direction to the clothing
line. 50 comes to our office to meet and greet with important accounts.
We want to make our offices an inviting and comfortable place for 50 to
visit. While we recognize the excitement his celebrity status brings, when
he is bombarded by employees who want to have him pose for a picture or call
their girlfriend or kids, it is unfairly taxing upon 50. So while 50 is
always extremely gracious and would never decline requests for photos or
calls or signatures, we need to self-govern our own conduct and realize what
is and is not appropriate.

This office should be a second home for 50, not a place where he feels
compelled to put on a show each time he walks through our doors. This issue
includes not only the people who work on the G-Unit floor but for those
people from other divisions who go up to the G-Unit showroom each time they
hear 50 is in the building.

50 appreciates all the hard work and effort the G-Unit team and Marc Ecko
Enterprises exerts on his behalf. A respectful thank you and
acknowledgement when he passes ones desk or an occasional hello are all
appropriate. There is a line, however, that seems to be crossed too often.
We should be using 50 to mug with accounts and help promote our product. We
don't want 50 to grow weary of coming to our office because of our own

If there are requests for photos, calls, signatures, they must all be
submitted to Paul Boyea in advance. He will try to accommodate requests in
due course, but we ask for everyone's patience and understanding.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation."