Women's Wear Daily reports that Jann Wenner's decision to replace Michael Caruso at the helm of Men's Journal hasn't worked out as well as, um, pretty much only Jann, expected. "[N]ewsstand sales for the magazine have gotten increasingly worse since Wenner took over as editor in chief last November," says WWD. Why could that be?

"The reason they've had so much trouble is because Jann's in charge," said a source close to Wenner, who believed the media executive is using the same tactic he's applying at Rolling Stone. "Rolling Stone is largely nostalgic, and he's got the same touch on the pages of Men's Journal. As a result, it's an older, duller and more b- or c-[list] kind of magazine."

That seems a little unfair to us. We saw a recent issue at our last visit to the gerontologist and found it perfectly delightful.

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