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For every breaking People story reporting the sad news of the best boy who got away comes a joyous new celebrity wedding exclusive to take its place. We'll leave it to you, however, to decide how revved up you should get about the recently unknown star of a disappointing summer blockbuster asking his mostly anonymous girlfriend to marry him:

Brandon Routh is engaged to his girlfriend, actress Courtney Ford, his publicist tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"They are very happy," says Kacey Spies, who represents the Superman Returns star.

The couple, who have been dating for three years, will costar in the upcoming short film Denial. They plan to wed next fall.

To add to that exciting news, once the two are done wrapping Denial—what we're told is the first part of a short film trilogy—its sequels, Don't You Find Me Attractive Anymore? and What The Fuck Do You Mean You're Leaving Me For Stephen, Your Golfing Buddy?, will be rushed into production just as soon as financing is secured.