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Imette St. Guillen. Jennifer Moore. Probably some minority women you've never heard of.

They've all been murdered after a night of drinking, and we've all shaken our heads and clucked over the horrifying news. But it's not like any of these cases have instilled a newfound sense of fear in smart New York women, nor is anyone going to drink a drop less because of the circumstances. And yet? They haunt the living shit out of us.

Now we've got Bloomberg grandiloquently signing new nightlife legislation, as if that's going to subvert nature's course. If a girl wants to get hammered, she will do so. There's no predicting what will happen once the blackout kicks in, and unless we've got some solution to the deeper societal ills that lead bouncers and pimps to rape and kill young women, nobody can stop this. It's just going to keep happening, increasingly awful each time. And then the local tabs will wring out their underwear over our collective consciousness, causing a three-day freakout that, in the end, will have absolutely no impact.

Maybe it's time someone started murdering the drunk men.