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Now, if you were the Sales and Marketing VP of a tiny startup, and Sony was going to buy your little piece of flipmeat in a week, wouldn't you know about it?

Last Tuesday, I wrote:

Online video startup Grouper (pictured) denies any impending deal with Sony, despite an e-mailed rumor.... The Sales and Marketing VP of Grouper...says the company will not be joining up with Sony.

Last night, TechCrunch wrote:

Sony Pictures is announcing the acquisition of online video startup Grouper tonight, Tuesday, at midnight EST. The acquisition price, confirmed by Grouper, was $65 million in cash.

If that's true, VP Jonathan Shambroom was either:

A) Lying to the press on-record about a business deal, or
B) Clueless about a deal his company was already making.

Grouper has an executive team of six. We're gonna bet on option A.

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