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• Stemming from our examination of "book hot" and Marisha Pessl, it's literary Hot-or-Not. Let's just say that lighting makes a world of difference. [NY/NZ]
• Adrien Grenier insulates his pad with recycled denim. And all the crunchy hippy girls swoooon. [Newsweek via Brownstoner]
• Arabs love spring break cartoons! [New Yorkette]
• Saying that "Already Over" is already over is, in itself, already over. So get over it. [Flickr]
• Big changes at Saturday Night Live: now that Fey's gone, four more cast members are being cut. The real question: do we trust Seth Myers as sole head writer? [NYP]
• Breaking: Americans jerk off in hotel rooms. [AP]
• There was once a time when Leigh Lezark couldn't imagine doing anything but photography. Those days have passed; now she can't imagine doing anything but modeling balloon sleeves and drinking rosé with Cathy Horyn. [Hunter]