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Congrats to Observer editor Tom Scocca, who has sold a book to Sean MacDonald at Riverhead (MacDonald was James Frey's editor, so don't be surprised when everyone discovers that several portions of Scocca's book have been fabricated). We're not sure how significant the deal is because, as a very white person, Scocca doesn't talk about those things. But we do know that Scocca sold more rights for more cash, so he's got a decent handful. Enough to at buy at least 10 sessions at Solar Salon.

The book (or proposal) is tentatively titled The Future Is Next Year: On the Cusp of New China, and Scocca aims "to be in Beijing for the critical year of 2007, seeing and writing about what happens as China closes in on hosting and competing in the 2008 Olympics—and closes in on its future." This means, obviously, that Scocca's moving, leaving wee Manhattan for the pulsating streets of Beijing, though he'll still continue to write and edit for the Observer. How they negotiate the 12-hour time difference remains to be seen.

And the real story: Scocca's wife works in Beijing as the deputy director of the Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDS initiative in China. So really, this is all a complex and profitable way for Scocca to get back his sex life.