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No, seriously. The show ended last night. In an unannounced series finale, Bravo aired the final two episodes of Daily News docu-series Tabloid Wars last night — and we didn't even watch.* Not just because the back-to-back episodes started at 7 PM (which is like the early bird special of television scheduling), but because after last week, we were just bored with the crap. Yes, our love for the show started strong, but we're fickle. Even our lust for deputy metro man muffin Greg Gittrich (who, by the by, is married to Times reporter Michelle Higgins, of the Escapes section) couldn't convince us to sit down and endure 2 hours of possibly boring programming. We'd gladly leave the finale coverage to FishbowlNY's Dylan Stableford — except not even he caught last night's finale, so we're unable to so much as liveblog his obsessive liveblogging. Now our entire Tuesday's been thrown off, dammit. Look what you've done, Bravo.

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*If, in our refusal to watch, we missed any excellent Hud Morgan action, let us know. Thanks.