As mentioned last week, Fake Writer James Frey continues his slow return to the written word by penning a quick piece about his favorite NFL team for our sporty sibling site Deadspin. Frey's writing (which kind of sucks without the tales of excessive vomiting) is hollow; it suggests that he is now but a shell of a man, broken and beaten into monosyllabic timorousness. No doubt Frey carefully choose his words so as to avoid any sort of dramatic embellishment, but we've gone ahead and done some fact-checking. An excerpt from his Deadspin debut, complete with our notes:

I am 36 years old [fact]. I am from Cleveland [fabrication: he's from the suburb of Shaker Heights]. No Cleveland team has won a championship of any kind during my lifetime [fact]. We've had a few great teams [opinion], the Browns in the mid 80's, the Indians of the late 90's, the Cavs now, but none of them ever win big games [fact]. Unlike most, if not all, of the rest of the writers in this piece, I don't believe my team is going to win the Super Bowl this year [opinion]. The Browns don't have a chance in hell of winning [speculation/fact]. I've been rooting for them for far too long to even consider it [unprovable, probably fabricated].

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