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Of the many blue chip brand names to which Star Jones has suctioned herself over the years, she was perhaps best known for her symbiotic, co-whoring arrangement with Payless Shoe Source. Alas, since Barbara Walters callously ejected her from The View by medieval catapult, Jones' celebrity stock has plummeted so low, not even football field-sized emporiums of sensibly priced footwear want to be associated with her:

"Our alliance with Star Jones was, by contract, for three years from 2002-2004," the company said in a statement. "The celebrity alliance with Star Jones was successful and contractually ended on a positive note."

As to reports that Star has not been invited to the launch of the new store design this Wednesday, the spokesperson tells ET: "We don't have an official relationship with Star Jones any longer."

A rep for Star responded to the reports with the following statement: "In 2005, after a highly successful four-year relationship with Payless in which Star's line of shoes sold over three million units, the company's new management team decided to move into a non-celebrity endorsing format."

While the flack managed to hit all the right notes—underscoring past successes, categorizing her latest shitcanning as a strategic "move"—we have no doubt the news nevertheless comes as a serious blow to the already humbled personality. And that's to say nothing of husband Al Reynolds, who, when escorting his wife on trips to the factory, could barely contain his enthusiasm as they handed him a duffle bag and told him about their "all the pumps you can carry" policy.