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We weren't aware that Justin Long was "famous" enough to inspire a backlash, but apparently the star of the Mac ads (and the forthcoming feature film Young School) has been on the receiving end of a bit of vitriol roundabout these here Internets. We find the young actor delightful and charming, and think it shows incredible commitment to craft that someone who literally looks like a penis has enough self-belief to persevere in an industry where so much is based on appearances, but even we've got to say he's not helping himself with quotes like this:

Although the Mac guy utilizes the same laid-back look and mien Long has in real life, filming the commercials was actually pretty difficult. "Commercials are hard because you don't have a lot to work with but you have a lot to work against. You don't want to look silly and polished but still, you know, you're selling something," he says. "We were fighting with the company people who didn't want it to be too subtle and I didn't want to come off too smug. People who haven't done commercials," he adds, "don't appreciate how hard it is."

You know, we noticed he wasn't delivering the same subtle nuances in his Mac performances as he did when, say, getting hit by a wrench in Dodgeball. We can't wait until PC-portrayer John Hodgman tells us how difficult it was to convey the restraint of falling down.

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