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Excited about the debut of professional weasel Martin Short's Broadway laff-fest Fame Becomes Me? Of course you are, especially considering the nutty impromptu shenanigans involving whatever celeb is at the show on any given night. A tipster writes how his wife saw the in-previews show last night:

In the middle of the show, Short plucks a startled-looking Chris Noth (Mr. Big) from the audience, brings him on stage, and forces him to do scenes with him. Noth was awkward but good-natured. They did several routines, including a Jiminy Glick interview that she said was hilarious. When Short was done with him, an usher led Noth back to his seat. It sounded and looked completely spontaneous ...

However, as the same tipster notes, spontaneous it ain't. The same thing happened at an earlier show with Noth in the audience earlier in the week. Of course, it could be that Noth just loves the attention and came back for a second go-round. Either way: ick.

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