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Because we realize that a "Lindsay Lohan falling head-first down the stairs of the Chateau" spotting can only be fully enjoyed when served at its peak freshness, we are now committed to publishing reader-submitted PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings several times a week. Send yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the time you saw Keanu Reeves and Tate Donovan on a double date at the Hollywood Bowl.

In today's episode: Garry Shandling; Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz; Tommy Lee, John Corabi, Chris Slade, Bobby Blotzer, Chuck Wright and Gilby Clarke; Keanu Reeves and Tate Donovan; Matthew Perry and Seth Green; Julie Delpy; Scott Speedman and Joshua Jackson; Cynthia Watros; Molly Shannon; Jessica Biel; Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and Scott Storch; Nicole Richie; Harry Morton; Kevin Connolly; Diana Ross; Debra Messing; Giovanni Ribisi; David Lynch; Naveen Andrews; Scott Caan; Clifton Collins Jr.; Jenna Fischer; BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling; BD Wong; Rachel Hunter; Tom Arnold and Dax Shepard; Bruce Vilanch; Martha Plimpton; Robert Patrick; Camryn Manheim and Pauly Shore.

· Saw Garry Shandling at the Temple Bar on Monday with his daughter date. When my friend told him, "Hey, I liked your show". He replied "Well, a lot of black people like my show". I guess it kinda made sense, seeing that my friend is black.

· Saw Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz at the insanely crowded Arclight theater Friday night. They were walking to the entrance at a very clipper pace. Not sure if they were late for their film or just trying to keep a low profile. Which is hard because he is like 6'4 or something. She looked tan.

· Saturday, August 5th—Forty Deuce in Hollywood. Saw Tommy Lee in a trucker hat (I think even people in Southern Illinois have stopped wearing those). One of the songs the girls danced to was a Motley Crue song, Tommy Lee played air drums during that one. Cameron Diaz showed up with two girlfriends for the second performance (not to meet Tommy). I don't think you need me to tell you she was wearing jeans and a black tank top. The best part had to be when Tommy leaned over to talk to her, she listened politely and when he was done, she made a face at her girlfriends that said, "seriously, that loser has no chance and he shouldn't bother talking to me and he smells". Ladies, you know of what I speak.

· 8/2 Went to a club on Melrose called "40 Deuce". It's a club that has a live band playing covers of 80's rock songs and burlesque girls dancing on the bar. It's pretty rad! Anyway, several rockstars were there. John Corabi (Motley Crue), Chris Slade (AC/DC), Bobby Blotzer (RATT), Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), Gilby Clarke (Guns & Roses, Rockstar: Supernova) and Tommy Lee (we all know who he is). Tommy was sitting right behind me, but I was too scared to talk to him. VERY hot in person though. And Gilby said hi and was very sweet. Cool to see that many rockstars in the same place at one time!

· Hollywood, 8/5 @ Avalon: Spotted David Spade and Heather Locklear sitting at a table together during the Dan Band Concert. They definitely are dating as we spotted them making out several times during the show. Heather looked great as always. David was sporting a trucker cap titled to the side.

· Saw Keanu Reeves and Tate Donovan with two unidentified females in a terrace box at Hilary Hahn's Hwood Bowl performance last night (8/8). Keanu brought in two bottles of wine and a HEINOUS neck-beard...I wisely resisted the temptation to shout "I AM AN EFF BEE EYE AGENT!" at him.

· August 3rd - I saw Matthew Perry with blonde lady friend and Seth Green with very young looking girlfriend taking in Michael " Rock n Roll Grandpa" Des Barres' Free Love show at the Mint.

· My girlfriend and I saw Julie Delpy at Runyon Canyon on saturday night. She was staring at a dead snake with a man-friend, observing trenchantly that "someone must have hit it with a stick or something. They broke it in half."

· Monday August 7
International Arrivals
Julie Delpy, in a fluorescent green hoodie and smoking a cigarette in a very nonchalant Gallic way, waiting for someone coming off the Virgin Atlantic flight from London. Perhaps they got held up in customs, as she kept checking a yellow sheet of paper and looking impatient. Then she almost got run over by the guy returning all the Smarte Cartes.

· Faded teen idol night at the Greek for Broken Social Scene & Bloc Party... Scott Speedman and Joshua Jackson milling about the multitudes...

· 8/7: I saw Cynthia Watros formerly of Lost balancing two Peet's cups precariously as she entered her red Jeep in Larchmont Village.
8/3: I saw Scott Speedman hiding beneath a layer of woofy scruff at Malo in Silverlake.

· Scott Speedman and Molly Shannon tonight (8/8/06) at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake.

· Getting a chicken burrito at Main Street taco joint Holy Guacomole in Santa Monica and who comes walking in but none other than GQ's Best Body covergirl Jessica Biel. Very pretty in a fresh scrubbed Nebraska sorrority girl way. From what I could see, she is toned and looks healthy. Have no idea what she ordered but unlike Ellen Pompeo, she was chewing and swallowing her fiesta on a plate. Do you know why? Because Holy Guacomole has the best mexican food ever and if you disagree I bet she would land a big old round house kick on your face. That is how you get the best body in Hollywood. So there.

· Remember "Highlander?" What do you mean, "No?!?" So, my friends and I were sitting at Pace on Tuesday night as wild lights began strobing in from outside as if a MacLeod had just severed a head. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and producer/wankster/Rolling Stone bad-boy-of-last-week Scott Storch walk in with about two or three more people. La Paris was in a loose gray dress and peeking-out red bra and ate only have an appetizer salad (like the Last Days of Pompeo) while Storch - all white-suited (Tom Wolfe does it better and with fewer gold chains) - hovered around with his orange-tinted sunglasses. Is Pace - next door to the hippie-ified, Doors-friendly Country Store - really the new pre-Prey hoverdeck? As they left, same strobe effect - blinking through the restaurant like electric taffy.

· nicole richie swarmed by paparazzi across from La Scala/Beverly Hills yesterday .. lunching diners overheard remarking they saw Paris Hilton in person and were surprised because she was "so ugly"

· harry morton outside Morton's on Robertson side smoking a cigarette solo last Mon.

· Friday, 8/4/06 @ 6:40PM. Equinox West Hollywood. Kevin Connolly standing watching the flat panel TV's in front of the cardio area just catching some scores and the news ticker and making conversation with a few fellow gymgoers. It seemed like he was also waiting for a machine to open up as he eventually headed towards a treadmill in the back that had opened up. He was certainly as short as I have heard but even more diminutive in his workout gear. After what seemed like a few minutes of tinkering with the console, his trainer approached and they had a brief back and forth. He then started running and had pretty good form. I didn't notice any bandages on his knuckles so that well documented punch that he threw defending Nicky's honor couldn't really have done any real damage.

· I work at the Beverly Hills library every Saturday and see celebrities there infrequently. This weekend I was approached by someone I didn't recognize, except that she's been in the library before. She asked me to help her find a video about "wild street kids," since some racks have been cleared out for reorganizing, but I couldn't track down the video about homeless children that she was looking for. Then she gave me her name, "Diana Ross" and asked me to find the tape in her records. I tried not to betray anything in my really was her! She was wearing all white, no makeup, looked "pretty good, considering," as a coworker put it. Although I wasn't able to help her any further with that video, she did check out "Being John Malkovich."

· had my best celebrity sighting of all time... well, maybe not all time, but it was pretty great, and made all my trips to Whole Foods in Westwood for the past few months totally worth it, besides the fact that I go through a tub of their hummus a day. As I was leaving on Saturday afternoon and going through the narrow walkway to the parking area, I saw a couple, with the female half possessing a distinctive nose that reminded me of Debra Messing's. It took me a while to realize that the nose actually belonged to Debra Messing, who was accompanied by her hubby. They have good energy and seem like a genuine and happy couple and were very pleasant.

· Spotted a fitter, healthier, more productive Giovanni Ribisi in the smoking "section" outside Silverlake's headquarters for Vietnamese goodness, Gingergrass, around 2:30 Monday afternoon.

· Spotted director David Lynch sitting with 3 people at an outdoor table at the new wine bar, Vintoca Farfalla, on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, on Saturday (August 5). He seemed to be in a talkative, animated, and friendly mood with his friends.

· I saw Naveen Andrews on a flight to L.A. from NY (Aug 4'th). I thought it looked like him from where I was sitting but I wasn't sure so I made sure to "just pass by". And sure enough it was! He seemed relaxed and esy going. He even smiled at me! Yay! I can die happy now, lol.

· Scott Caan and some dudes walking down PCH in front of Malibu Lagoon, Recognized him by his signature straw porkpie hat. Does it ever come off?

· sitting at an outside table at Barney's Beanery on 3rd Street (8/3), having dinner, when Capote's Clifton Collins, Jr. walks by and gives my buddy's dog a double-take

· Was standing in line for tickets tonight (Aug. 8, 7p) on Melrose at the Improv when who should emerge from a car in the valet line but The Office's Jenna Fischer. She's way prettier and hipper-looking than Pam. Didn't see her in the club, so maybe she was just there to exchange air kisses with the will-call line? Just kidding (about the air kisses)!

· Saw "See You Next Tuesday" at the UCB Theater on Tuesday night (7-17-06); was sitting behind two of my fave actors from The Office: onscreen love interests and fellow scriptwriters BJ Novak (intern Ryan) and Mindy Kaling (clingy Indian girl Kelly). Life imitates art, I guess: Kelly was getting all 'handsy', and BJ demured, saying - I shit you not - "This is going to be all over Defamer, you know." He went on to do a pretty funny standup set later that night.

· Saturday, 8/5 @ 11am. Just saw Law & Order's resident psychologist BD Wong dining at the City Cafe in the Brentwood Country Mart on San Vicente and 26th. He was clearly with an agent type—complete with Treo—enjoying breakfast and coffee and discussing work. BD was wearing workout clothes and was eating a rather large open faced omlette of sorts. He put on his sunglasses towards the end of the meal and went to his Blackberry for most of the end of the meal/conversation.

· Friday, Aug 4th. Standing in the somewhat miserable cattle call line for my flight in the Southwest Airlines terminal at LAX, I looked up to see Rachel Hunter squeezing through the growd. At first I thought that there was no way it could be her—why Southwest? Is she thrifty or does being a supermodel really not pay as well as I assumed? But no, it was her—no make up, hair pulled back in a slightly messy fashion, and carrying what I think was a big, white bed pillow. Quite tall, as expected, and still pretty without makeup. She just seemed pale, but I'm pretty sure she had freckles, which might explain that one.

· Tired of the repetitious Lohan staggering through the Chateau posts? Setting the stage: my nine-month-pregnant wife and I having an early dinner at the Sherman Oaks Cheesecake Factory on Friday night (8/5). Can't even claim that we were there to see Talladega Nights, rather to satisfy her nacho craving. Typical Valley scene: teens on dates and obese families looking straight out of Ohio. Hearing a commotion at the next table over, I look up from our shared brownie sundae. Who do I see making the rounds but Tom Arnold with his amazing pompadoured "hair." Apparently, people in Sherman Oaks don't realize that it's been 10 years since True Lies. But that's not it! I notice someone pulling his hat over his face, trying to hide behind Tom's girth. Unfortunately, Dax Shepard is a good bit taller than Mr. ex-Roseanne. Don't worry, Dax! No one recognized you. I commend you on the idea of getting tips on how to handle stardom from Tom Arnold. Step 1: marry unattractive but rich actress (hey, Kathy Griffin is back on the market) . . .

· This Thursday on the Sony lot, Mr. Bruce Vilanch was browsing through the cds for sale. Snapped a shot which is hopefully attached here.

· Sunday brunch, an all grown up and just as awkward looking Martha Plimpton dining al fresco at BLD on Beverly. She'll always be a Goonie.

· Two weeks ago, Robert Patrick (aka the liquid metal morphing Terminator) escaping the horrific heat while catching a very air conditioned arclight screening of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.

· Sun. 8/6 around 130pm, saw Camryn Manheim from my once-favorite show, The Practice, at my nail place on Main St. in Santa Monica. I've seen her there before with her little boy. This time she was sans child, she waited patiently for her turn amongst the throngs of bikini-clad beachgoers. She looked relatively slimmer than her former Practice persona, wearing jeans and a Flashdance-type sweatshirt over a camisole. She got one of those 10-minute neck massages, and she was reading Entertainment Weekly and other nail-place mags. She seems nice.

· Tuesday, August 7th. 5:45pm. Equinox West Hollywood. Pauly Shore towards the back near the changing rooms chatting up a smoking hot Playmate type with visible above the buttcrack tattoo and impossibly round bosoms. Pauly was wearing some ridiculous red, Milli Vanilli do rag. He looked like he had been sweating profusely and a step or two away from The Surreal Life. He was chatting up the nubile blonde, talking about "wrappping a picture.". I didn't know they had decided to do a sequel to In the Army Now!!!