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· At left, rightful American Idol winner Katherine McPhee selflessly shields a Florida youngster from the blistering summer heat by allowing her to shade herself underneath McPhee's glorious rack.
Project Greenlight fans, semi-rejoice: Feast will get a limited theatrical run of late night shows before being dumped off to DVD. Gulager!
· The Believer's interviewer is so good that he gets Steven Soderbergh to imagine that if he had a "balloon cock dick," he might find a career in porn appealing. That's nice work.
Seriously, you gotta be pretty desperate to mug Screech. Don't they know the dude is selling t-shirts to save his house?
Gawker weighs four glossy fall fashion issues, discovering in the process that they've purchased 9.5 lbs of eating disorder promotion.
· Mental Floss asks: Will celibacy turn Paris Hilton into a genius? If she were actually sincere about it, the field of physics could be looking at its next Nobel winner.
· Mel Gibson: the ringtone.