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· Here's a surefire way to annoy the special Snakes on a Plane fan in your life: Go to this website and send them a "customized" voice greeting (written, we're pretty sure, by an unpaid intern) from Samuel L. Jackson that contains no use of the word "motherfucking" whatsoever. A potentially decent idea very poorly executed—if you're gonna subject someone to a glorified movie commercial starring Jackson, you at least want their ear to bleed from the profanity.
· For a far better abuse of telephone technology, see the Popularity Dialer. [via BB]
For when your other bullshit excuses just don't seem to be working, Dehydration™
NBC decides to incorporate one of YouTube's most exciting features into its traditional broadcasts. We think this one's a winner.
If you didn't get enough of the movie-themed cereals yesterday, here you go.