If you've ever wanted to paw through the real-estate records of prominent New Yorkers foolish enough to conduct business under their own names, here's your chance. Curbed points out that documents relating to the sale and ownership of co-op apartments — formerly a mysterious, private affair — have abruptly turned up online. Thrill to Jerry Seinfeld's actual signature on his UCC3 termination! No idea what that means, but with a little digging, you can match up real-world events with documentary parallels — as a tipster notes, here's the evidence of Billy Crudup paying off Mary-Louise Parker to the tune of $1,487,359.33 after ditching her for Claire Danes. Or perhaps you'd prefer to gaze lovingly on Ann Coulter's most recent mortgage? And of course, there's Jeffrey Epstein's West End pad (at least we think it's though sadly not "our" Jeffrey Epstein). Much more, but there are only so many hours in the day. Find anything else particularly interesting? Let us know.

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