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An interesting piece of babble just landed in our box. If we are to believe what we're reading, it's a letter from Observer staffer-cum-swan Jessica Joffe's concubine, lovable indie rock schizo Ryan Adams:

From: Jonathan Carter
Sent: 8/3/06
Subject: Hi Jessica, its Ryan Adams.

I am not sure if Jossip or Gawker started this b.s. tear down of JJ, but I think it is very unfair to attempt to humiliate someone so obviously "not-asking for this" kind of thing. It is just cruel and meaningless. It adds nothing to the world and only invites harm to people who do not want to be harmed. People do not deserve to be judged because of who they care for, and hard as it may seem to stomach, I have not seen much in the way of trying to lift people up on gawker or Jossip and think maybe the social agenda is on you, and gawker, so obviously obsessed with celebrity.
I have never met such a thoughtful, kind, patient, and decent person in my life as Jessica Joffe.

So what do we think? Real? Fake? The "Jonathan Carter" thing doesn't mean anything, really — it's not like Ryan Adams would have a email address. Truthfully, the email is so disjointed, perfectly toeing the line of coherence, that we kind of want to believe it.

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