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The following just came over the transom, regarding our earlier post on interns , from Maureen Tkacik, author of the original Times piece that mentioned 21-year-old Los Angeles party photog Mark Hunter (a.k.a. Cobrasnake) and his 16-year-old intern/girlfriend, Cory Kennedy:

Separate conversations with Cory Kennedy, Cory's mom and Cory's best friend Maggy led the reporter to believe that Cory Kennedy has never actually had sexual relations with Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter, which would, as Cory's mom Jinx pointed out, "be a felony." Further, though this may come as a surprise to many bloggers, according to Cory's mom, Cory is also drug-tested once a week at UCLA, and has never tested positive for any illegal drugs. And yes, that includes blow.

Gawker is glad to clear the air on this matter. It's a relief to know that no felonious underaged fucking went on. Just like Jeffrey Epstein. Allegedly.

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