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Interesting piece in this Sunday's Times about interns. Turns out they're young, they're hip, and they'll keep you connected with the youth of today.

They may also fuck you!

And though age and gender differences may conjure up unsavory images of sexual dalliances, the people involved in these arrangements say the relationships don't typically cross over into romantic territory. One exception is 16-year-old Cory Kennedy, who since last fall has been working as an unpaid intern for the Los Angeles party photographer Mark Hunter, 21. Since her job began, she has become both his girlfriend and something of an Internet phenomenon thanks to Mr. Hunter's Web site,, which is dominated by pictures of her with her signature unbrushed hair and improbable outfits.

Great stuff. Maybe next week they'll do a trend piece on the age of consent.

Interns, the Founts of Youth [NYT]

FOR THE RECORD: All Gawker interns are 18 years of age or older, and we wouldn't fuck them anyway. Well, maybe Neel. There's just something about him.