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Let's talk about Nadia Marcinkova, supposed Douglas Elliman broker and special friend of accused perv Jeffrey Epstein. According to the affidavit released Wednesday, while in Palm Beach Marcinkova kept Epstein's underage "masseuses" busy with lots of lesbian sex, complete with "strap on dildos" and a "large rubber penis." And for this, her contribution to Epstein's alleged perversions should be commended.

So who is she? Strangely, the Douglas Elliman site lists Marcinkova's name but no information, and a quick search reveals that she's not been licensed in the states of New York or Florida. But in previously unpublished pages from police documents, there might be an answer. According to one girl's statement:

The encounters included bringing in his assistant, Nada Marcinkova. [Redacted] explained Epstein had purchased her from her family in Yugoslavia. Epstein bragged he brought her into the United States to be his Yugoslavian sex slave.

Not much we can add to that.

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