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The Smoking Gun has obtained a letter from Morgan Creek CEO James G. Robinson to "dehydrated" star Lindsay Lohan, in which the exasperated producer opens up a can of mind-blowing whoop-ass on Lohan for her antics on the set of George Rule. The letter, hand-delivered to Lohan HQ at the Chateau Marmont, essentially calls bullshit on the actress's "bogus excuses" for skipping out on work ("heat exhaustion" and "not feeling well" no longer fly at The Creek), and threatens that the company will "pursu[e] full monetary damages" the next time she pulls a no-show or any other shenanigans related to her "ongoing all night heavy partying." Well, damn. When he puts it like that, a little harmless partying that results in missed work days, production delays, and the occasional hospital visit sounds so, like, serious and junk.

The rest of the epistolary smackdown is here. That crackling sound you're hearing is Lohan's career going up in flames.

Bonus: Lohan's unheeded, semi-public shaming during the filming of Herbie: Fully Loaded.