Are you a multi-millionaire real estate developer looking for a large mixed-use property that is chic yet gritty, gritty yet stylish, stylish yet authentic, authentic yet upscale, upscale yet downtown, downtown yet as expensive as anything uptown, as expensive as anything uptown yet appealingly sketchy-looking? I’ve got just the building for you.

UPDATE: 190 Bowery is not for sale after all. This post was based on an outdated real estate listing, a press representative for building owners RFR informed us Wednesday. That listing, from brokers Cushman & Wakefield, is still online as of Thursday morning. The original post is below.

Curbed reports that 190 Bowery is for sale again, months after its longtime owner Jay Maisel sold it to real estate rich guy Aby Rosen for $55 million. Was buying up the graffiti-covered hulk a less prudent decision than it initially seemed? Curbed notes that the listing promises the building will be “delivered vacant,” meaning that the consortium of tenants that signed on to occupy a few floors in April may have bailed out.

From the listing:

The open floor plans combined with the property being delivered vacant, offer an unusually large blank canvas for a developer or user to execute a myriad of potential visions, including a boutique residential condominium, a retail flagship, or a truly historic and one-of-a-kind single family residence. Regardless of the strategy, the end result will change the landscape of the Bowery for years to come and will be a project unmatched in the price premiums it obtains.

That part about an opportunity to “change the landscape of the Bowery for years to come” is true, but considering the price tag, it’s not hard to imagine what sort of change will be coming.

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