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It turns out that "Luscious," our favorite high-breasted hooker — not pictured at right — stalks more than just Soho House. One tipster reports "surreal sightings on the 3rd avenue corridor on 4 or 5 occasions," while another has run into the lady in question on her home turf:

Luscious has approached my friends and I on multiple occasions. Usually in the Meatpacking District, West 27th Street b/w 10th and 11th avenues and all the way over to the Murray Hill area. I always tell her that she should be selling BMWs and get off the street. What an attractive and well spoken prostitute.

I'm guessing the reason Luscious isn't selling ultimate driving machines is that her rates reportedly run to "$500 an hour." Nevertheless, we have yet to discover the true Luscious mystique — why does this one enterprising sex worker, among the one or two known to inhabit Manhattan, seem so memorable to those she encounters? Luscious sightings (especially photos) to

[Photo: glediator]