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In Page Six's lead story about the fascinating Foxy Brown, the gang gets its quotage from "Page Six's Sarah Polonsky." Innneresting — Polonsky's received a couple of similar name-checks in the column, which may be more than one could say for Page Six's official new hire, Bill Hoffmann. (Also: what is he doing over there? Playing wingman to Braden Keil?)

Turns out, Polonsky — formerly of the National Enquirer — is Page Six's newest full-timer, not yet unveiled a la Rubenstein but officially collecting gift bags on a permanent basis. With veterans Chris Wilson and Paula Froelich still punching in, that makes four Page Six reporters under editor Richard Johnson, a hefty number presumably to make up for the lack of freelancers. But, not too coincidentally, the usual "everyone" is saying that Chris Wilson has been trying to pack his bags for quite some time now, so hiring Polonsky may very well serve to fill the sobering void left by Wilson's eventual departure. Let's just hope the poor girl's septum is up to task.

Harass Accuser a Liar [Page Six]