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The publisher of Wired Magazine bought long-lost Wired News from Lycos, eight years after the two Wireds got split up. But what happens now?

  • The remaining eight writers at Wired News can stop worrying about getting fired. (And Wired ought to grow the team back to its dot-com-boom size — this ragtag remainder has been worked to the bone.)
  • Lycos will continue its death spiral. It still owns HotBot and Webmonkey, but these are dead properties. Now Lycos is carried by Tripod and Angelfire — two almost-healthy-but-getting-sicker brands.
  • The $25 million price means Condé Nast paid $2-3 million per Wired News employee.
  • Condé Nast can finally relaunch Wired Magazine's web site (a Wired News property) in the style of Portfolio, the publisher's upcoming business mag.
  • "Internet" is capitalized again.

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