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A scandalized reader supplies us with yet another shocking tale of an actor using his elevated status as Famous Person to secure preferential seating in a packed theater at the AMC Century City 15 multiplex. This time, professional raccoon escort Bruce Willis was the individual availing himself of the venue's "velvet tape" seat-saving amenities:

(saturday) i went to see pirates 2 at the amc century 15. about a third of a row was taped off as "reserved." just before showtime, bruce willis and an entourage came in for the reserved seats. he had his arm around a tall brunette. they both seemed very eager to get noticed—both were standing up and looking around for no reason in particular. no sign of darren star however.

We should probably note that both Willis and Perry are CAA clients, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to imagine Willis demanding that his agent provide him with the seat-reserving pampering supplied to lesser light (and The Whole Nine/Ten Yards sidekick) Perry. And as would befit a star of Willis' relative magnitude, his guy made sure the theater was kept clear of angry TV producers sparing him the indignity of a possible embarassing confrontation with someone who might attempt to "eat him for breakfast" off one of the chairs in his improvised VIP section.