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Here's a hit of news for all you crazy-uncle-watchers out there.

  • Conference addict Marc Canter has embraced his inability to stay awake at conferences like Gnomedex. Rather than admit that he needs to sleep at home, the sleepy software developer slaps three photos of his famous open-mouthed doze onto his site banner. Declaring himself the canary in the boring-lecture coal mine, he writes, "My body is the ultimate judge." Gnomedex organizer Chris Pirillo comments that bodies that just smoked weed don't make the best judges. [Marc's Voice]
  • Conference heavyweight Dave Winer, not to be outdone, says that he falls asleep at conferences too, and that this is also the conferences' fault. He then mentions "assholes" and their "shit" for no good reason, and for this we applaud him. [Comment on Marc's Voice]
  • Meanwhile, ZDNet columnist Steve Gillmor explains his tactic for getting Sun to send him all their PR announcements. "Everytime I see Jonathan [Schwartz, Sun CEO], I try and embarass Noel [Hartzell, Schwartz's spokesman] by complaining." Someone's been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People! [Steve Gillmor's Inforouter]