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We are not shy about our interest in Vogue editor Anna Wintour, whose mystery, influence, and frigid thighs always entertain our fascination with the macabre. But everyone has a limit, and the Devil Wears Prada-inspired scrutiny of Wintour may be ours. Case in point: David Carr (in a column that could only be explained by a daughter dragging him to the film) reminds us today that the editor depicted in Prada is not like Wintour; that Wintour is powerful and has powerful friends; that you can't kill her, you only make her stronger. And if you can handle it, add to these surprising revelations one more epiphany: "Powerful women in the media always get inspected more thoroughly than their male counterparts." Sigh. Hence the column, David?

The Devil Wears Teflon [NYT]