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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers. Send yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the time you saw Tobey Maguire doing the Vincent Chase thing in the lobby of the Century City AMC.

In this week's "celebrities love Radiohead" episode: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore; Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, Nicky Hilton, Ethan Suplee and Sara Gilbert; Anne Hathaway; Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger; Donald Trump, Jeremy Shockey and Keanu Reeves; Annette Benning and Ken Howard; Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Beck, Marissa Ribisi, Michael Stipe, Renee Russo and Rosanna Arquette; Lukas Haas; Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson; Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Meg White, Marilyn Manson, Adrian Grenier, Scott Speedman; Mischa Barton and Kristin Kreuk; Ben Stiller and Sarah Silverman; Bono; Robert Forster; Margaret Cho; Jennifer Westfeldt; Anthony LaPaglia; Tina Majorino; Jane Fonda and James Spader; Tom Ford; Jessica Biel and Will Arnett; David LaChappelle; Cynthia Watros; Jesse McCartney; Allison Janney and James DeBello.

· Thursday 6/29 @ Century City AMC for Superman Returns. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore with her daughter(s). I can only swear to one daughter because the other girl was the silent doesn't-look-like-Bruce-type. Ashton and Demi arrived without baseball hats or oversized sunglasses at night, though he wore a white bandana, which was kind of cute and not as annoying as you'd think. They arrived long before the lights went down and were looking for two seats together in a packed auditorium... That Guy saw them and provided the embarrassing, obligatory soundtrack: identified them by pointing and screaming both times they passed his aisle. That's right. Twice. Thankfully the other hundreds of people ignored him and them, and let the poor celebrities-without-Arclight-foresight continue on. One of the girls with them said "Mommy, can we sit up front?" Demi said "Sure, be safe, love you" or something sweet like that. She and Ashton finally found two seats in the absolute very back corner of the theater, a move I would have thought by design had I not seen them looking for seats in the middle. If wishes were horses, if movie theaters were elevators in CNN buildings... Despite the D-list seats in Century City, they're an unfairly gorgeous couple who look perfect and glamorous together, even in jeans, sneakers, and white bandanas.

· 6/27 - Went to the Century City AMC 15 for the 10pm first showing of SUPERMAN RETURNS. In the audience was Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire - maybe there to see the Spider-Man 3 trailer? while everyone was filing in, he was standing up in his seat seemingly for no other reason than to call attention to himself. After the spidey trailer, people clapped and someone yelled "way to go Tobey!". It was actually pretty funny. Also in his *same row* was Kevin Connolly ['E' from Entourage] with girlfriend Nicky Hilton. Right next to them was Ethan Suplee. Further down the row was Darlene Conner herself, Sara Gilbert. The movie was so-so. On the way out, attention-hound Maguire was signing autographs in the lobby. He's pretty short.

· Been a while since I sent in a privacy watch update. Was at the Gelsons off Santa Monica in West Hollywood on July 3rd trolling for sleeveless men or pregnant women (whatever was on sale that day), and was making my way to the liquor section towards the front on the right hand side. As I got closer, I noticed a girl looking at the July 4th crap in some 'we made it just for today' display case: Anne Hathaway. She was dressed elegantly, but simple. As if she left Ohio, got a make over, and still could pull off the Ohio look..whatever that is.

I was having a fake conversation on a cell phone in order to draw some attention or eye contact from her. Nothing came of it, save for a halfie boner and me getting a 12 of natty light, but it made my day.

Anyway, by the time I was checking out, she had moved over to the beer aisle and was eyeing some Old English. Gotta love that- you can take the girl to hollywood, but Old E is always gonna be as good as Old E is.

· This isn't terribly exciting, but I saw Jake Gylleneyhelehnnhall (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Heath Ledger at the Hollywood farmers' market on Sunday morning. Jake looked normal, and Heath looked like a deranged yeti/homeless man. I looked ok.

· Lunching poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel on July 4th, and saw a very over-dressed, very yellow-haired Donald Trump walking through the pool area, complete with entourage in tow.

Also, sat at table near NFL star Jeremy Shockey, lunching with one of the Maloof brothers. Dude is tall! Jeremy had two lunches and several cocktails - when does training camp start? Jeremy and Mr. Maloof sauntered over to the poolside bar to chat up a couple of porn stars.... overheard that they were on their way to a party in Malibu. Might want to think twice before drafting J-Shock for your fantasy team...

A little later on, Keanu Reeves walks into pool area in jeans and T-shirt... hair and beard look great, but man... dude is pasty! A little more time in the sun, Keanu!

· Saw both Annette Benning (with spawn of Warren) and White Shadow's Ken Howard at Arclight on Monday, July 3. Surprisingly they were not together. Ken went in to see The Devil Wears Prada while Annette was buying tix after the 2:30 got out. Prada was fantastic, btw, if you are woman, gay man or the White Shadow. Non-Ken Howard straight guys need not apply.

Getting a third row center ticket at Radiohead's show last night at the Greek means three things. One: for a shining moment, I was the envy of all who sat behind me. Two: I got to hear one of the best bands in the world sounding even better live, which is rare. Three: a gaggle of celeb sightings. I saw Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, both in hats "waiting for friends" by the concession stands; New silly-faced couple Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy shielded by security; Beck, who I also saw perform on Tuesday at the Wiltern, along with a friend; Michael Stipe near the men's room; and Renee Russo and Rosanna Arquette (separately).

· at the radiohead show last nite: ryan phillippe and reese witherspoon. not sure what the tabloids are talking about because they looked super cute and in love. also, spiderman and lukas haas with their gfs. impressed at the lack of attitude. everyone seemed to genuinely be there for the band. what a shocker.

· I'm at Radiohead at the Greek last night, section A, row L. One row in front of us: Beck, his wife Marissa Ribisi and another couple, who are (it turns out) also Scientologists.

A guy two or three seats away, almost directly behind them, has a one-hitter, and lights up discreetly two or three times. toward the end of the show Mrs. Beck turns around and screams at him, "Stop smoking that pot!"

Given that we're attending a rock show, this seems like an odd request. Beck escorts her away for a minute and when they return, she (still in a strident, nasty voice) tells the guy on the other side of the smoker (who never lit up—probably the only guy in the row who didn't) that it's ok for him to get high. He replies that he wasn't the one doing the smoking. She didn't seem to believe him, so repeats that it's ok. He tells her again that he doesn't need permission, he wasn't smoking. Finally, she seems to believe him, and lets him know by screeching, "you stink of alcohol!"

This continues for a few minutes, until it reaches a climax when the three of them (Beck, to his credit, never got involved) turn around and start repeatedly calling the guy a Nazi. The guy refuses to engage them; he simply says "good times" over and over. After a few minutes of this, they stomp off, but not before Beck's pal gets in the face of the guy and taking a cue from Brandon Davis, screams "I'm richer than you" (some heard "What religion are you," but that's not as amusing)

But wait, there's more! A few minutes later, Beck's pal returns with a security guard in tow, pointing at the guy he was screaming to. The guard asks if everything's ok, and the says he's fine, enjoying the show. This sets Beck's friend off, as he tells the guard the guy was molesting his date all night long (I guess that makes a better story than "he was making fun of our fake religion"). When everyone else in the section told the guard nothing happened, the guard shrugs and walks off, leaving Beck's pal to stomp off on his own, never to return, In honor of this moment, just about everyone in the vicinity toked up.

Does this mean that getting yelled at by Scientologists will become the new hipster badge of honor? First Jenna Elfman, now this.

· I saw a tophat wearing Adam Brody with a tiny, and extremey hot, Rachel Bilson, together at the Radiohead show Friday night at the Greek.

· Friday 6/30 Radiohead @ The Greek: Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale, Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend, Meg White signing an autograph for a girl, Marilyn Manson parading up and down the aisle, Adrian Grenier having a smoke, Scott Speedman again.

· Friday, June 30th: Radiohead concert at The Greek. Spotted Rosanna Arquette making her way out of the "Hospitality" area with a tall, brunette woman. Didn't recognize her companion, but Rosanna looked as if she'd killed the Olsen twins and worn them as a suit to the concert—lots of disheveled layers. Spotted Scott Speedman dashing into the crowd with a small entourage. After going to our seats in the terrace, my friend spotted Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani making their way into the center of the first section. He's very tall and lit by light from the heavens, she's very blonde and still has that pregnancy glow. Spotting them made me like them more—they've got better taste in music than I expected and she's bucking the Hollywood trend of going back to coke-rail thin immediately after having her kid. As they reached their seats, Gavin found himself being hugged by what I thought was a random Bush fan—turned out to be Rosanna, who had shed at least one of the Olsens and bounded up to greet them (they had better seats). Gwen was very gracious to her as they chatted—Gavin looked bored. Caught a few more glimpses of them during the encores—Rosanna was holding up what looked like a Blackberry for the last few songs, but all of them were MIA when the lights finally came up. Oh, and on the way out of the show, spotted Adrian Grenier—he's jaw-droppingly gorgeous, taller than I expected, but his body is a lot more average than I thought it'd be. Nobody seemed to recognize him, and he was with some very average, slightly pasty guy.

· Friday at the Greek
In the middle of a 25-song set, Thom Yorke told the crowd to be quiet during a quiet song (Exit Music) and, for the first time ever in Los Angeles, they gave him the respect he deserved. A real treat. Radiohead just thrashed. Thrashed and destroyed and — oh yeah, Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams in so-so seats off to the side and Haley Joel Osment (2nd night!) in the cheap seats. He's short, but anyone who went to both shows is a trooper, so god bless...

· Yesterday around 12:00 at the Forever 21 at The Grove, I saw a brown haired Mischa Barton in the back corner of the store trying on striped shirts over her clothes. She actually hung her clothes back up after she was trying them on. I was very impressed by that. But, the only reason I noticed her was because I noticed a girl trying on clothes in the store instead of the dressing room.

Same day, same time, Kristin Kreuk was at The Grove in shades, shorts, and a blazer with an okay looking guy. They were looking for somewhere to eat.

· July 4th...

Saw Benjamin "Monkey" Stiller walking on the beach in the Colony today with a couple pals. Despite very dark sunglasses, you could still see there was a Monkey underneath. Nice try Monk...

Also... Sarah Silverman crossing Wilshire corner of Kate Mantilini (meeting at ICM?) dressed way down and looking very mannish. Didn't she recently get on a list of very hot chicks?


· Call me nuts and I may be, but I think I saw Bono yesterday in Ocean Beach (San Diego).

It was July 4th and "OB" as we call it, was ramping up for fireworks off the pier as happens every year. I was having dinner on Newport Ave (the main drag) and was looking out at the people starting to stream down to the beach. I SWEAR BONO WALKED BY with a (much taller) woman. I'm not a huge U2 fan or anything and I've never studied Bono's photos, but I just got this "vibe". Later, as I headed down to the water for the fireworks, I heard this gal at a coffee window (in a shop facing the street) talking about how she thinks she might have seen Bono. I stopped and we talked and I told her how I got this "vibe"... If so, he just blended in to the crowd and was headed back from the water (before the fireworks) when she saw him. In and out quickly - not to cause a STIR? OB is a throwback beach town and very down to earth and maybe a tad funky :-)

Now, I was born in LA (Hollywood) and went to elementary school with Helen Hunt (have the photos to prove it!),etc. so I'm not very celebrity crazy, this seems like the real thing to me. Any other Bono sightings from So Cal over the weekend?

UPDATE: A reader writes: Update on the San Diego "Bono" sighting over the holiday weekend....the man in question is no doubt the Bono impersonator who fronts a U2 cover band. He's a local and they played in San Diego on July 1st (?) and I actually WENT to see them (my cousin is in love with Bono, okay?)

Funny thing is, he honestly believes he is Bono, or at least an equally valuable and important facsimile. And he name dropped Pierce Brosnan's assistant. We were impressed.

The real Bono wouldn't be caught dead in Ocean Beach anyway. It's a shitbox.

· While the family was visiting from out of town this weekend we had numerous sightings.
Friday 6/30 - Robert Forster having dinner at Mirabelle on Sunset. Saturday 7/1 spotted Margaret Cho shopping at the Sherman Oaks galleria. She was wearing a giant sun hat and was so much thinner than I expected. Sunday 7/2 - Saw Kissing Jessica Stein star Jennifer Westfeldt at Anthropologie on Beverly Dr. Driving west on Santa Monica Blvd. a brand new Aston Martin pulls in front of my car. As we are driving the car pulls up to the driver's side and Huff himself, Hank Azaria is behind the wheel. Looks like he does on TV. Without A Trace's Anthony LaPaglia was wondering around Fred Segal and didn't seem to be having any luck shopping. A short and cute Tina Majorino (Deb from Napoleon Dynamite) was in the Diesel Store on 3rd Street Promenade. Tuesday 4th of July went to the Arclight and swear I saw Jane Fonda - but I am not 100% on that one. I did see a very puffy and not that tall James Spader.

· Friday, 6/30, Century City AMC 15, 4:20 showing of DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Have not been this excited to see a movie since CLUELESS. And to add to my viewing enjoyment, who should sit down right next to me but Tom Ford. He was accompanied by a handsome friend, was wearing that same kind of impossibly fabulous suit that he always wears, and he smelled great. He laughed throughout the movie and chuckled modestly at his shout-out. A great sighting enhanced a thousandfold by the context.

Rose cafe round noon on sunday 7/2...
· jessica biel took a seat with her two buff trainer looking lady friends in the outside patio. jessica was wearing big ol' glasses and looked a little too toned herself - kind of like she did in blade 3.
will arnett came in 30 minutes later with a pal.

· July 4: 2 pm-ish

Where: Will Rogers gay beach section

Who: profilic photographer David LaChapelle with 3 buds, erecting an 8 ft. shade tent in the middle of everyone laying on the sand! Kinda like building a McMansion on an Indian reserve

· Scott Speedman was on my Jet Blue flight yesterday (6/29) from NYC to LA He looked unshaven, unshowered, and a bit unkempt, but entirely delicious nonetheless. Seriously? He is so cute.

· I saw Cynthia Watros ("Libby" ex-"Lost") on July 4 in Whole Foods on 3rd./Fairfax, browsing for bread.

· Last Friday (6/30), I was sitting courtside at the Sparks game and saw Jesse McCartney sitting right by the Sparks bench. All these prepubescent girls kept coming up to him and begging for autographs and pictures. He seemed pretty good natured about it. He was with a cute brunette (no idea who she is since I don't keep up with teenybopper affairs) and played on his cell phone a good 75% of the game. Eventually, they showed him on the jumbotron at which point my ears nearly fell off from the deafening screams.

· Was eating a late dinner on Friday (6/23) at Jerry's Deli in Studio City. In walked ginormously tall and thin Allison Janney wearing librarian glasses and an understated outfit. She was with her son, and I think her husband (he looked a bit young to be her husband, and sort of too good looking for her) and they sat in a corner table, minding their own business and staying low-key. I love me some Allison Janney but I'm not a celeb stalker. I resisted the urge to tell her how I loved her in Private Parts, and I'm jealous she's worked with Howard Stern!

· James DeBello, showed how drunk celebrities get treated in Hollywood.

A clearly inebriated DeBello tried to get into the local watering hole Birds on Franklin, Sunday July 2nd, by barging through a crowd of hipsters sipping beers and martinis. The doorman grabbed the sauced DeBello and refused him entry. He then started yelling, "I never coming to this place again and I'll kick all your asses!" His small stature and lack of sobriety insured that there would be no ass kicking.

He was "assisted" down the sidewalk by two doormen/bouncer types who told him to "go home and sleep it off."
DeBello continued to argue for a while, out of my earshot unfortunately, with the doormen. He eventually turned tail and walked home.

Here is the perennial question: Do celebrities get special treatment in Hollywood? Even if you're a minor, insignificant celeb?