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I am as tired of Rocketboom split-up news as you are.

I lied.

  • The story of Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron (and guest star Steve Jobs!) told in panels. EVERYTHING'S FUNNIER WITH COMICS! [Transparent Agenda]
  • Blaugh, the un-comic by bloggers Chris Pirillo and Brad Fitzpatrick, puts an image in our brains that can only be worked out with years of therapy and Ze Frank shows. [Blaugh]
  • Marketwatch reporter Frank Barnako is so over Amanda Congdon. Apparently she's hot? And apparently that's part of the reason a viewer base made of middle-class men watched her? This is all news to me. [Frank Barnako]
  • Reading over everyone's suggestions for the next Rocketboom host...starting to see a trend...can't put my finger on it... [Michael Parekh]
  • Elsewhere in vlogging, Carson Daly makes the first "saw you on YouTube" hire. She's cute, she's probably 16, Carson called her an "exciting package," and that's not at all creepy. [Video Podcasting News]